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First of all, my many thanks to team for inviting me as one of their columnist in the area of investing and personal finance for their site. It is an honour for the invitation to share my thoughts, musings and trade ideas on investing and day trading in the US stocks market, particularly in the sub-area of penny stock trading.

Who am I?

Who is the mask vigilante for this new column?

My name is Keegan Teo.  I am a Malaysian trying to make a difference to the raising of my two mischievous but lovely sons, aged twelve, XT and aged ten, XH. You see, my pa and I are ardent Liverpool fans, that’s why the firstname, Keegan. Though in direct Chinese translation, “Keegan” may well mean “insane”, but what the heck, insane is as insane does.

Why day trading?

Well, not so long ago, I was stucked in some mundane 9-5 office jobs. You know… the kinda of job that pays peanut but comes with over the mountain job responsibilities, especially if you do not know the job scene in Malaysia. Then, I stumbled upon a horizon changing seminar, thanks to my childhood buddy for persuading me to attend (gracious!), and since then, my buddy and I aspire to become a full time day trader. That was about a decade ago. It is the same aspiration that brought this column to live, ah hem…lol

What do I trade?

Right now I daytrade US stocks and options, but mostly US penny stocks trading. In the past decade, I have traded many other instruments, from forex to stocks options (even binary options) and then to penny stocks. There were up and downs in terms of results when I traded these instruments; but I found consistency in trading the latter, penny stocks!

Purpose of this column?

This is not a show-off blogs and brag about making money through online trading but rather a blog where I can share some experience and interesting stuffs about being a trader. Haha… did you notice that I did not use the word full time trader? Because I am not qualified just as yet, I am a trader by night (Malaysia and US has a 12-hour time zone difference, perfect for trading US markets in Malaysia) and co-owner of a small manufacturing plant by day. Both are businesses to me!

In this column, I will share my daily trade logs (haha… as if I trade everyday), some of my limited knowledge on penny stocks trading and interesting stuffs in the realm of stocks and options trading.

trading journal
Documenting daily trades for future self-analytics

This column is also dedicated to my wife, CM, who stood by me during the roller-coaster rides of my trading business. Thanks for your sarcastic encouragements!

Anyway, stocks trading business can also be lonely and a solitary endeavor. That is why I blog on my trades and as a mean to remind myself that full time trading can actually works. I hope other traders might click with me to share your experiences and encouragements for OUR journeys to become a fulltime trader. 

Whoever you are, thanks for visiting. Hope you all have invaluable insights following this column and do bear with some of my grunting and/or shenanigans in my posts, and sometimes, lousy jokes too. Anyways, have a great time ahead!

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